Never miss another

billable minute

Gain insights for growth with time capture technology. TIQ Time helps lawyers build a complete and consistent timesheet, helping firms to reduce leakage, increase their bottom-line and optimise insights and transparency in service delivery.

Complete time tracking

TIQ Time turns tracking your activities into an effortless experience.

Increase bottom line

Reduce leakage and grow your billable activities.

Accurate insights

Improve client satisfaction with clear and transparant insights in time spent.

Smart time tracking. How we do it.

TIQ Time helps lawyers build complete and consistent time entries with an add-on to the firms Practice Management System. The software captures the time spent on activities such as drafting documents, emails, meetings and phone calls. TIQ Time uses this time data to construct a pre-filled time sheet.

Narrative Builder

TIQ Time constructs clear and detailed narratives in the blink of an eye.

Complete and fast

Time capture, manual bookings and timers enable lawyers to track time their way.

Easy implementation

It works complementary to current practice management systems without any complicated migrations.


TIQ supports a large number of plug-and-play integrations with the tools you use to get your work done. These integrations allow TIQ to automatically capture the time you spend in these tools. By connecting with your practice management system, TIQ can automatically synchronize all captured time with the right client or matter in this system.
Are you missing an integration? No problem. TIQ also supports custom integrations through our API.

Satisfied Customers

“TIQ captures how long you’ve actually spend on client tasks. No more ‘guesstimating’ when we are filling out our timesheets. It makes sense to time capture in a law firm, or any business for that matter.” Jaap Stikkelbroeck

Founder, Griph

“TIQ is a great aid for tracking time, because I can quickly check that I haven’t forgotten any billable activities. Recovering a few activities a week can mean a lot to your bottom line.” Jetse Sprey

Partner, Versteeg Wigman Sprey Advocaten


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