Lexia implement TIQ Time to automate legal time recording

Fast growing Finnish law firm selects best-of-breed legal time tracking software for better insight into service delivery.
TIQ, an innovative player in legal time recording software, has announced that Lexia Attorneys Ltd has selected TIQ Time to improve time tracking for their fee-earners. Lexia chose the TIQ Time solution after an extensive review and evaluation followed by a successful pilot phase.

“Where did the day go? TIQ Time helps our lawyers to answer that question.” states Iikka Sainio, Counsel and Innovation Manager at Lexia. “Lawyers need to record their activities accurately not only for clients’ sake but also to enable us to improve the alternative fee arrangements we offer. TIQ Time makes time recording almost a pleasure.”

Lexia’s fee-earners will use a range of time recording features, from fully automated time capture to manual timers, supported both on desktop and mobile devices. TIQ Time will help the fee-earners to build a complete and consistent timesheet by using suggestions based on the captured activities. Deployed as an extension to their ERP system, the software will help Lexia to reduce leakage and optimize insights and transparency in service delivery.

“Gaining insights into service delivery starts with taking away any friction around time entry. We are very proud to be part of Lexia’s IT overhaul, in which they chose to implement TIQ Time ahead of the financial system upgrade” says Nick Schils, CEO at TIQ. “The result is a future-proof, accurate and more efficient way of tracking time that fits the innovative character of the firm.”

TIQ has developed an implementation program that helps firms deliver value within days, without disrupting existing processes such as legal project management, reporting or billing. For Lexia, this meant that they had the system up and running in their production environment within a week.

Iikka Sainio says: “The pilot phase of TIQ Time was implemented quickly without affecting our existing practice management system, which meant we were able to get a real hands-on experience of TIQ Time benefits.

About Lexia
Lexia Attorneys Ltd is an independent full-service law firm and the fastest growing law firm in Finland offering expertise in domestic and international business law. Founded in 2007 with its roots in 1996, Lexia wants to do things differently than other law firms – Lexia is genuinely proactive and customer-oriented legal partner. The core of Lexia consists of strong legal professionalism combined with understanding the goals and strategies of the client’s business. The firm is committed to constantly developing updating its industry expertise and business intelligence to be able to provide industry-specific best practices. For more information visit www.lexia.fi.

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